I have been playing pool since 1986.  I had a good friend that played really good, he traveled all over the country.
Every now and then I would wager a couple dollars on him.  WE WENT BUSTED OFTEN!  This was before
I ever shot pool for money.  So, I was used to going busted from pool!  In 1993 I tried to get a local cue maker to build
me a custom cue.  After a couple months he hadn't started.  I asked again, he said he would get it done for me.  Some
time went by and he never even started it!  So, I asked him if he was going to build me a cue or not?  He said it would
be done in 2 months. I said okay! GOOD!  But if it is not, I am going to buy my own equipment and build them myself.  
Well needless to say he didn't even start my cue! So, In August of 1994 I sold my Softail Custom Harley that I had built
from the ground up in June 1994. I bought my first lathe from Baby Face.  I started doing repairs and in November
1994 I went to Chicago and bought my first real lathe for building cues.  

Thanks to a good friend, Jeff Beamas whom I asked to go into the business with me, he declined!  Jeff loaned me the
money to purchase my lathe until I got my money fromt the sale of my Harley.  Needless to say, Jeff got my first cue I
built and still owns it today.  In July of 1995 I moved to Springfield Missouri where I met a cue maker by the name of
Andy Gilbert (who builds a really good cue).  He let me come work with him for a few months and I learned even more
about building cues. THANKS ANDY!  In 1996 we moved back to Granite City Illinois where I built cues out of my home
for years. I took a 3 year break from cue building, some of you know what I mean!  In the winter of 2005, I started
shooting pool at the Billiard Club in Granite City, which is where I started playing pool at when it was called Break Time
I finally talked Mark Kimbro (Billiard Club owner) into building a room for me to build cues in.  That took some
convincing! So, in January 2006 Mark and another friend Jerry and I built a room which is now where I am building my
cues, one at a time! We have already been talking about expanding my shop in the near future. Thanks to Mark and
Jerry for being such good friends!  I am now back to what I do best, building Patrick Custom Cues!  I found out that I
can't make a living playing pool, so I do the next best thing, build custom pool cues!

I currently sponsor the Midwest Nine Ball Tour. Dan and Evelyn have been good friends for many years!

A special thanks to a few good friends for all of their help:
Jeff Beamas
Mark Kimbro
Jerry Bellovich
Jim Royal and his son Hunter

I'd like to add an additional thanks to my brother Mark for helping me get my cue building business going.
I am now located in Olathe Ks!  Thank to Mark at the Billiard Club for letting me set up shop there for a few years!